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Fam. Anni und Hans Mazohl
Mitterplars 14
39022 Algund

Tel. +39 0473 448570
Mobil +39 347 8316156

Spare time - Your possibilities

Escursions by foot or with the bicycle to discover the beautiful surroundings. Take a trip to the known Meraner height-way through the nature reserve of the "Texelgruppe".

One the most beautiful footpaths of the Alps with a distance of 80 km.

Stroll through vineyards on one of the most beautiful panorama-ways, the idyllic "Algunder Waalweg" and the famous "Tappeinerweg". you will reach the center of Meran directly through the nature and fruit-yards.

The cure-city of Meran dists only 1 km from us and invites everyone to an unforgettable trip through a large number of promenades.

Further information about all the sport, travelling, and leisure time-possibilites in Algund can be found on the official home page of Meran & South-Tyrol.

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